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What is a Proprietary Trading Company?

A Proprietary Trading Company is a company which invests its own resources in a trader instead of using clients’ money. Also known as “Prop trading”, it involves using the capital of a company to trade different markets. The trader then gets a share of the profits they made with the accounts.

With Consummate Traders, you can access larger capital to trade and maximise your profit.

You know the popular saying which says “You need money to make money”? It’s probably not exactly like that but it is in this case. Not having enough capital to trade is a huge problem for most traders and that’s where we come in.

Consummate Traders is a proprietary trading company that provides retail traders with enough capital for them to achieve the popular phrase; financial freedom.

Consummate Traders lets you trade over 1000 instruments including stocks, crypto, forex, and lots more.

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Consummate Traders is working with Kwakol Markets, an ASIC-regulated multi-asset broker.

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